Man(ish) Notecards

Mr. B. has been one busy fellow lately.  It’s football season and as a sportswriter in south Texas his life can be best described right now as “Friday Night, under the Lights”.

It’s an exciting time for him; Mr. B. went to a journalism conference this summer and met a TON of new media people.  Couple that with wedding presents and I thought he needed a thank you note just for him.  But stationery can be hard when you’re a guy….let’s just say he was underwhelmed with the selection at his local Target and he called me for a “custom order”.

If you know me, you know I am the queen of all things girly….I love coral and florals and absolutely anything pretty.  I knew none of those things would go over well with Mr. B. so after thinking about the banner we made for his site and his personal business card, I chose to keep it simple with classic black and white.  Clean lines and a block monogram and you have a classic & professional note card for even the manliest man!

What do you think? With a crisp white envelope and a simple black liner, I think we have a winner!




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