Go Ugly….Stationery Academy Recap

So here we go- first blog post EVER!

I have always been hesitant to blog; by nature I am one of the most intensely private people I know.  I’m hyper aware of how others see me and what they may think about me….to say I have a hard time letting people in would be an understatement.

I’m maddeningly driven by other’s perceptions, so in essence I’ve always given people exactly what they want: lots of smiling and nodding, big smiles, giggles and mild traces of vapidness…..but lately something has changed and the facade of “perfection & perky” has started to show cracks and this weekend I had an experience that flat-out made it begin to crumble- I went to The Stationery Academy.

stationery academy 2012

{image courtesy of Amber Housley Blog}

What I thought would be a weekend of getting pointers and tips about how to start the stationery company I’ve been dreaming of turned into so much more.  Day one was all about facing fears, defining dreams, setting goals and being authentic, and in the words of my roomie Rachel Shingleton, “We just had church here, y’all, stationery church”  These workshops forced me to dig deep and start the process of becoming “Real”.  It was scary and hard to admit some things to myself, but oh how liberating it was.

So here are the truths I’m taking away….

From Whitney Kolb “Go Ugly”: done is better than perfect;  If I keep waiting for every condition to be absolutely perfect this thing will never take off.  So yes this generic blog background is ugly (the “designer” in me is cringing), but my first post is done.

From Amber Housley “Your family & friends might not understand- DO IT ANYWAYS”: So I’m not saying the law school thing is dead….I’m really not, but right now, in this moment, paper makes me happy. Sitting in front of a computer screen trying to figure out how to change the color of one line thrills me. Googling vintage looking scripts for my inspiration gallery consumes me. Knowing that I have a plan that allows the first years of marriage and baby having with Mr.B to not be as painful as my current “career” would have them be brings me peace…….I’m doing this anyways

From Emily McCarthy “Staying true to what you love never goes out of Style”: Well frankly I love Lettra with a nice deep impression. I love things that are pretty just for prettiness sake.  I love the color coral, my monogram and really well made clothing. I love quiet intimate Sunday mornings full of grace, hot tea and french macaroons.  I love pearls, good friends, a great meal and a nice glass of wine.  These are the things I love and I will make paper inspired by them…and I will be succesful because…

From Nicolle Spitulnik “You never fail-you may choose to stop and change direction, but you never fail”: I’m choosing to stop doing what the ‘rents want me to do.  That doesn’t mean I’ve failed them or myself.  I needed to hear those words. I’m simply changing direction and walking towards the path of personal happiness and professional fulfillment.

From Natalie Chang “Change is good- it hurts sometimes, but it’s good.  If things didn’t change we wouldn’t be creative”: I’m so resistant to change and I think because of that sometimes it hurts even more.  The changes of the past 7 months have been heartbreaking…there’s too much to recount here (and like Whitney said “chandelier”) but I know that the pain is good,  I know that I’m being shaped, molded and refined and that in itself is worth celebrating.

So sweet friends that is where you find me. Full head and heart and ready for the hard work ahead.  Look forward to a regularly updated blog (compliments of my editorial calendar) filled with lots of pretty things, big plans and exciting news about my baby brand.




11 thoughts on “Go Ugly….Stationery Academy Recap

  1. Yay Whitney!! Love this post… way to go! You’re a beautiful person, and the world needs to see you just as you are! I loved being your roomie, and I can’t wait to see your growth!

    • Beth, Can I just say I love you! Thank you for your willingness to share, your insight, your expertise and answering my one jillion questions about stationery and life. Your quiet grace and your love of people inspire me. Beth Hart Designs is about to do some really big things and I’m so excited to watch it happen for you. I hope you had an awesome anniversary with the hubs and if you ever need someone to share a bunk bed with, I’ve got your back!

    • Dear Jessica, Please sit next to me at every paper party from now on-lol! You are so smart and I adore that about you. You provide a view and a service that is invaluable to today’s bride and you deserve every moment of success that has and will continue to come your way. I’m so excited about your collection-I have a feeling it’s going to be HUGE. Also, everytime I see the color turquoise I think of you.

    • Marianne, can I just say you have the MOST BEAUTIFUL spirit? Thank you for being so lovely and so grounded. The certainty of your faith and your walk is an inspiration to me. I know Quad Deuce Design is about to start doing ALL of the paper for Nashville’s superstars…would you please design the first pyrotechnic invite ever? I know if anyone will push the limits to the max it’s going to be you!

    • Is it bad that I randomly want to burst into “Sweet Caroline” all the time now?! Caroline Creates is about to DOMINATE on the indie scene and it’s going to be amazing! You know the number if you ever need a reminder 😉 Love you sweet friend and I’m so proud of you!

  2. Whitney, your enthusiasm and joy are inspiring and I love that you have no doubts of who you are! I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to see where Whitney Lauren Creative takes you!

    • Awwww, thank you Sara. It was an awesome weekend and you are incredible. To say you’re an absolute darling would be an understatement. I know LuLu Bean Designs is headed towards greatness and I’m so excited to watch things take off! I’m in Houston in October- we should def have a lunch date.

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