Fearless-page-0I know, me and blogging….a general fail to say the least, but oh well, lol. I’m trying- there’s a digigtal camera full of pictures from meat free Mondays, Valentine’s crafts and paper projects….but putting those out there just seems like I’m adding to the noise in the blogosphere. Somewhere along the way I unconsciously made the decision to not blog about the day to day and save updating this little blog for when I have something to really say.

First up shop news: Whitney Lauren Creative will be getting a full on brand makeover in June and will officially launch under a new name on June 27th! The past 4 months have given me the opportunity to really focus on my business and doing projects with all the time and creative freedom in the world. I’m so grateful for these months. That being said this blog will probably transition into a personal blog around that time.

I’m feeling reflective this evening/morning because we’re packing; that’s right- we’re headed back to Florida in about 5 hours.

I remember the first time I pulled up to this house. The final grasps of childhood had released me about 1000 miles earlier and the heartbreak of saying goodbye to my parents was still fresh and raw. I took a deep breath and braced myself as I walked in; this was going to be my new home and my new life.

As I sit in our little townhouse surrounded by boxes and bins, I can’t help to think of what these walls have seen in the past four months.

Those crazy, hard early weeks no one tells you about; where you can’t believe you’re married and you’re trying to adjust to each other and these new roles and titles; where one moment you’re questioning the sanity of matrimony and the next you can’t believe how much you love the other person. Where you feel like you’re loosing your mind and you’re a little lonely, feeling isolated because you’re not in “newlywed bliss”…and then the sweet moment you talk to other newlyweds and you realize you’re not alone.

While here, our kitchen and living room became the setting of the Sunday Night Supper Club; what started as a one time dinner party for friends immediately became a weekly tradition filled with good food, good wine and conversations about faith and politics and pop culture (including a 3 week stretch that involved the RHOA reunion). On the surface it seemed like just a meal, but deeper I think we all knew it was more; a group of 20somethings that had landed in the middle of nowhere Texas had found not only community, but family- people to cling to and count on when everything else familiar seemed far away.

Our bedroom saw the early morning sun filter in through the huge picture window and moments of serenity, with the sound of his heartbeat as all I needed to feel at peace. And so many conversations about the future and plans and careers and babies and puppies. There was a fair amount of me working and designing for hours on end in the middle of the bed; shaping and creating this whole paper thing. But there were also feverent prayers for direction and grace that flowed down; Bibles being studied and learning to be completely exposed not just in front of one another, but in front of God. Finding over and over that perfection is impossible, but owning the truth that we are flawed and broken beings; that we have to take off all airs to be truly authentic and humbly submit ourselves to our Heavenly Father. It watched too as we learned each other in new ways and gained a deeper understanding of one another; how to be selfless, how to let someone else pick the redbox, how to be assertive and not expect your spouse to read your mind. It watched our friendship grow and in that room and in these walls the infancy of our marriage took place. This place is where we learned how to be husband and wife.

And in spite of all that, we’re leaving. We’re leaving a community we have grown to enjoy and a church family we love. Why? because it’s time. because we are trusting in God. because we knew when we arrived this wasn’t our forever home. because we are choosing obidience. No, this wasn’t planned, and we just came to the decision a couple of weeks ago; No we don’t have it all figured out, but we are following what we know to be His direction. We’re standing on Jeremiah 29:14 and taking this huge leap.

So as we trasition into the next phase of our lives we’re excited to see where the journey takes us. It doesn’t get much better this- here we go head first. Fearless.


The Words I Would Say…..

Words I Would Say

Every now and then we all need some encouragement….I know I have, especially lately…

So a word for your week dear ones:
Be encouraged.
You are going to be alright.
You are going to make it through this moment.
If I could whisper something in your ear right this second it would be this “Be Strong in the Lord- God’s got his hand on you”

You are loved and you’re going to be okay.